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What have we bought?

With money raised we have bought many items for the unit and

for use in the community.  

These items include:


* Variable cots for postnatal ward

* Sleeper chairs for partners on the postnatal ward

* Midwife tables for postnatal bays

* Homebirth Kit Bags for Community Midwives

* Fans for the rooms

* Sonic Aids for the Antenatal Clinic and Delivery Ward

* Telemetry Machines for monitoring

* Birth Balls and Peanut Balls

* Birth Mats

* Birthing Couch/ Birth Cubes for birth centre at SMH

* Pictures for the Birth Centre Rooms

* Chairs for labour ward

* Aromatherapy Fans and oils

* Furniture and bedding for Primrose Room

* Storage units for Primrose Room

* Plaster casts kits for Primrose Room

* Cot tags

* Scales for weighing babies

* Helped refurbish a room on the ward into a Parents Room

* More chairs for the Postnatal Ward

* Rocking Chair covers

* Teaching equipment for students on Labour Ward